Who are ISIS ?


by: Did You Know Facebook Page

This is the most asked question in the Muslim world today, courtesy of the bias Media which only shows only one side of the story, most people do not find the truth about ISIS.

So, Who are ISIS ?

ISIS is the 17 year old son who was handcuffed in a room while an entire squad of Iraqi soldiers raped his mother in his own house and in-front of his own eyes.

ISIS is the newly married husband who came home after a hard days work with a new set of clothes for his wife, only to find her naked body lying on their wedding bed.

ISIS is the father who haplessly saw his one and only son being burnt alive by Shia militias just because his name was Umar.

ISIS is the brother of a girl who became pregnant inside an Iraqi prison but has no knowledge how many raped her.

ISIS is the Imam in the Masjid who sat in a corner crying seeing the Syrian soldiers raping a arrested Sunni women inside the Masjid and using the pages of the Quran to clean their private parts.

This is ISIS,
this is why they fight.

ISIS was born from the suffering and pain that the Sunnis of Iraq and Syria went through the hands of their oppressive governments.

© All the events I used to describe ISIS are based on real historical events, this post is for educational purposes and it does not support ISIS.