44 Ways To Support Jihaad

Author: Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki ( رحمه الله )


Jihad is the greatest deed in Islam and the salvation of the ummah is in practicing it. In times like these, when Muslim lands are occupied by the kuffar, when the jails of tyrants are full of Muslim POWs, when the rule of the law of Allah is absent from this world and when Islam is being attacked in order to uproot it, Jihad becomes obligatory on every Muslim. Jihad must be practiced by the child even if the parents refuse, by the wife even if the husband objects and by the one indebt even if the lender disagrees.
Dear brothers and sisters the issue is urgent since today our enemy is neither a nation nor a race. It is a system of kufr with global reach. The kuffar today are conspiring against us like never before.
So could we be heading towards the great battle between the Romans and the Muslims – Al Malhamah – which the Prophet (saaws) spoke about?
Again, the point needs to be stressed: Jihad today is obligatory on every capable Muslim. So as a Muslim who wants to please Allah it is your duty to find ways to practice it and support it. Following are 44 ways for the brothers and sisters to support Jihad fi sabeelillah:

  1. Having the right intention
  2. Praying to Allah to award you with martyrdom
  3. Jihad with your wealth
  4. Fundraising for the mujahideen
  5. Financing a Mujahid
  6. Taking care of the family of a Mujahid
  7. Sponsoring the family of a shaheed
  8. Sponsoring the families of the prisoners of war
  9. Paying your zakah to the mujahideen
  10. Contributing to the medical needs of the mujahideen
  11. Providing Moral support and encouragement for the mujahideen
  12. Defending the mujahideen and standing up for them
  13. Fighting the lies of the Western Media
  14. Exposing the hypocrites
  15. Encouraging others to fight Jihad
  16. Protecting the mujahideen and preserving their secrets
  17. Praying for the mujahideen
  18. Following the news of Jihad and spreading it
  19. Spreading the writings of the mujahideen and their scholars
  20. The issuance of fatwas supporting the mujahideen
  21. Providing the scholars and Imams with information and news about the mujahi- deen
  22. Physical fitness
  23. Arms training
  24. First aid training
  25. Learning the fiqh of Jihad
  26. Protecting the mujahideen and supporting them
  27. Developing the Aqeedah of Walaa’ and Baraa’
  28. Fulfilling our responsibilities towards the Muslim Prisoner of War
  29. WWW (internet) Jihad
  30. Raising our children on the love of Jihad and the mujahideen
  31. Avoiding the life of luxury
  32. Learning skills that would benefit the mujahideen
  33. Joining groups that work for Jihad
  34. Spiritual preparation
  35. Guiding others to the scholars of truth
  36. Preparing for Hijrah
  37. Giving naseehah to the mujahideen
  38. Studying the hadiths of fitan
  39. Exposing Pharaoh and his magicians.
  40. Nasheeds
  41. Boycotting the economy of the enemy.
  42. Learning Arabic
  43. Translating Jihad literature into other languages
  44. Teaching others about the characteristics of al Ta’ifah al Mansoorah.
For detail explanation of each point please download and read: https://ia700405.us.archive.org/0/items/Tawhed.netBooks/44WaysOfSupportingJihadawlaki.pdf

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