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I sincerely hope that this short notes will benefit those who believe in The Almighty ALLAH, His angels, His Scriptures, His Messengers and the Last Day. In SHA ALLAH!!!
I am calling you to be together in one voice to tell this evil man Nakoula Basseley Nakoula a.k.a, Sam Bacile, the evil film maker that produced film clips that enraged Muslims worldwide and also his other wannabees & copycats, Islamophobes, Anti-Muslims, Hate-Campaigners & ignorant out there, direct to their faces that MOCKING OUR BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM) WILL NOT..I REPEAT, WILL NOT WEAKEN ISLAM!!!

Indeed, every now and then some morally deranged, ignorant and infamous individuals driven by hate and evil decide that this may be an opportunity for them to disturb the peace, create discord and perceive that an ill-conceived idea of theirs might present them with a golden opportunity to entrap others and bring themselves fame. Let them know that they can fool some of the people some of the time but cannot fool all of the people all of the time and instead they gain infamy and disrespect. One “good” outcome of this latest episode is that the producer of the evil film will appear in a court of law.
Throughout the history of mankind, the prophets and messengers of ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, (peace be upon them all), whom He, out of His mercy, sent to guide people to the right path that will lead them to happiness and salvation, have been disbelieved, ridiculed, abused and even murdered. The Noble Qur’an tells us a great number of stories of the prophets and messengers who suffered thus. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), was no exception and like his brothers (the predecessor prophets and messengers) suffered verbal and physical abuse and attempted murder. Now that they cannot physically harm him, they resort to attempts of “character assassination”. But, can anyone really even dream of achieving this? He, (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), wears the highest badge of honour from the ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.. Who said of His messenger: “Indeed, you (O Muhammad) certainly bear the highest moral character.” ” (Noble Qur’an Surah al Qalam 68:4)

[68:4] Wa-innaka laAAala khuluqin AAatheemin

Arabic (from right to left):
68:4 وانك لعلى خلق عظيم

Let The Holy Qur’an relate the narrative of some of these events:-
“ (Oh Muhammad), if they reject you, (remember that) many messengers prior to you had been rejected, including those who brought very clear proofs, the scriptures, and the illuminating book”. .~(Noble Qur’an Surat Al ‘Imran 3:184)

[3:184] Fa-in kaththabooka faqad kuththiba rusulun min qablika jaoo bialbayyinati waalzzuburi waalkitabi almuneeri

Arabic (from right to left):
3:184 فان كذبوك فقد كذب رسل من قبلك جاؤوا بالبينات والزبر والكتاب المنير

Such people, out of their utter ignorance and mischief, thought they are simply hurting the messengers whom they disbelieved because they were human beings just like them. Indeed the messengers were deeply offended and, at times, thought they shall never be able to discharge the duty entrusted to them. They even thought they were personally disbelieved but ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, in His Infinite Mercy, consoled them and revealed to them the Truth and granted them success.

“ We do know that their remarks cause you grief. But it is not just you (O Muhammad) they are calling a liar. Rather, these evildoers have actually rejected the revelations of Allah.” ~(Noble Qur’an Surat al Ana’am 6:33)

[6:33] Qad naAAlamu innahu layahzunuka allathee yaqooloona fa-innahum la yukaththiboonaka walakinna alththalimeena bi-ayati Allahi yajhadoona

Arabic (from right to left):
6:33 قد نعلم انه ليحزنك الذي يقولون فانهم لايكذبونك ولكن الظالمين بايات الله يجحدون

“ Certainly the messengers before you had also been called liars. They remained patient (and steadfast) despite the denials and persecution. Finally Our help arrived for them. Of course, nobody can revise or reverse the decisions (and decrees) of Allah! The tales of the (earlier) messengers have certainly reached you.” ~.”(Noble Qur’an Surat al Ana’am 6:34)

[6:34] Walaqad kuththibat rusulun min qablika fasabaroo AAala ma kuththiboo waoothoo hatta atahum nasruna wala mubaddila likalimati Allahi walaqad jaaka min naba-i almursaleena

Arabic (from right to left):
6:34 ولقد كذبت رسل من قبلك فصبروا على ماكذبوا واوذوا حتى اتاهم نصرنا ولامبدل لكلمات الله ولقد جاءك من نبأ المرسلين

“Many messengers were mocked prior to you. I allowed the unbelievers some respite; then I seized them. How terrible was My punishment! .”~(Surat al Ra’ad 13:32)

[13:032] Walaqadi istuhzi-a birusulin min qablika faamlaytu lillatheena kafaroo thumma akhathtuhum fakayfa kana AAiqabi

Arabic (from right to left):
13:32 ولقد استهزئ برسل من قبلك فامليت للذين كفروا ثم اخذتهم فكيف كان عقاب

“Indeed, We are more thab sufficient for you [O Mohammed] against the mockers.” ~( Noble Qur;an Surat al Hijr 15:95)

[15:095] Inna kafaynaka almustahzi-eena

Arabic (from right to left):
15:95 انا كفيناك المستهزئين
Allah, The Exalted in His Glory, Most High, can see, hear and plan the fate of those who disbelieve and transgress.

“And if they deny you, [O Muhammad] – already were messengers denied before you. And to Allah are returned [all] matters.” ~( Noble Qur’an Surat Fatir 35:4)

[35:4] Wa-in yukaththibooka faqad kuththibat rusulun min qablika wa-ila Allahi turjaAAu al-omooru

Arabic (from right to left):
35:4 وان يكذبوك فقد كذبت رسل من قبلك والى الله ترجع الامور

“We drowned the nation of Nooh when they rejected the messengers! We turned them into an admonition for the whole world. For the evil doers, We have prepared a painful punishment”. `~( Noble Qur’an Surat al Furqan 25:37)

[25:37] Waqawma noohin lamma kaththaboo alrrusula aghraqnahum wajaAAalnahum lilnnasi ayatan waaAAtadna lilththalimeena AAathaban aleeman

Arabic (from right to left):
25:37 وقوم نوح لما كذبوا الرسل اغرقناهم وجعلناهم للناس اية واعتدنا للظالمين عذابا اليما

And when the people of Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him, wanted to burn him alive in the raging fire, ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala commanded: “…O fire be coolness and peace for Ibrahim. And they wished to set a snare for him, but We made them the greater losers.” ( Noble Qur’an Surat al Anbia’a 21:69-70).

[021:069] Qulna ya naru koonee bardan wasalaman AAala ibraheema
[021:070] Waaradoo bihi kaydan fajaAAalnahumu al-akhsareena

Arabic (from right to left):
21:69 قلنا يانار كوني بردا وسلاما على ابراهيم
21:70 وارادوا به كيدا فجعلناهم الاخسرين

“… and Moses was denied, so I prolonged enjoyment for the disbelievers; then I seized them, and how [terrible] was My reproach.”~( Noble Qur’an Surat al Hajj 22:44)

[22:44] Waas-habu madyana wakuththiba moosa faamlaytu lilkafireena thumma akhathtuhum fakayfa kana nakeeri

Arabic (from right to left):
22:44 واصحاب مدين وكذب موسى فامليت للكافرين ثم اخذتهم فكيف كان نكير

The Guidance that ALLAH, The Exalted in His Glory, Most High, revealed to His Messengers is indeed intended for our benefit and as a warning to the wrongdoers of the present and future days that they shall meet the same fate as those of old. We have every right to be offended, angry and condemn their evil in the strongest terms working with the rest of humanity to deny such individuals the opportunity to sow the seeds of hate. They should be marginalized and not afforded a platform. A “good” news is that certain countries are already at work to achieve this legally.
Don’t despair dear respected brothers & sisters in Islam,..just hold on tight to the rope of ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Yes..can you see that they ridiculed the prophets and messenger then and were consequently punished?. Those who do likewise now shall indeed suffer for their transgression. If they mock and ridicule in this life we shall also ridicule them in the Hereafter:
“So Today [the Day of Judgment] those who believed are laughing at the disbelievers.” (Noble Qur’an Surat al Mutaffeen 83:34)

[83:34] Faalyawma allatheena amanoo mina alkuffari yadhakoona

Arabic (from right to left):
83:34 فاليوم الذين امنوا من الكفار يضحكون

And they shall not escape the punishment reserved for them,… Indeed it is greater and longer lasting than anything any human being can inflict :
“So, on that day of theirs, the promised day, there shall be (nothing but) misery for those who disbelieve”. ~(Noble Qur’an Surat al Thariat 51:60)

[51:60] Fawaylun lillatheena kafaroo min yawmihimu allathee yooAAadoona

Arabic (from right to left):
51:60 فويل للذين كفروا من يومهم الذي يوعدون

LET’S REFLECT ON THIS TOO…. And when Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam), was verbally and physically abused, he supplicated to The Most Merciful:”O Allah, forgive them for they know not.” MASHAALLAH!!!



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